RAF 100

100 stories for 100 years, in 8 months

2018 marked the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force. 100 years of breakthroughs, bravery and iconic stories. We worked with the RAF and BAE Systems to create a rich storytelling campaign that celebrated their historic 100 year old partnership.


Our objective was to conceive and create a campaign that would touch the hearts and minds of the RAF and its supporters, instil pride in BAE Systems employees and reach out to important STEM talent audiences. Two organisations united in their shared history presented the perfect opportunity to share an incredible collection of authentic stories. By injecting the magic of storytelling into our communications, we can tap into people’s emotions, challenge perceptions and build meaningful connections.


We faced a significant challenge. Unearth 100 unique, independent stories from the past, present and future that reflected the innovation, dedication and achievement of this historic partnership. And importantly, craft them and bring them to life in unique and compelling ways across diverse channels. All in just 9 months.


It was an extraordinary challenge, and one that we are proud to have risen to with great results. We researched and told each story in different ways, from simple print ads to animations, videos and exhibitions. Audiences were targeted through a campaign of traditional and digital distribution using paid media, social media channels and live events.

We worked together, moved quickly and thought on our feet.


Despite the timescale challenge, the campaign was a resounding success and continues to make waves for both organisations. We believe this is testament to the power of storytelling and the result of sheer graft needed to deliver a cohesive and compelling campaign.

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