Changing the face of sustainability

Our planet is on the brink. While population is set to soar, climate change, pollution and depleting natural resources increase pressure on our environment. The time to act is now.


SuSeWi, an ambitious and innovative sustainable start-up, is doing just that. Their mission is simple: to produce marine microalgae as nature intended, using sun, sea and wind, thereby unlocking their vast potential as the first truly natural, abundant and sustainable solution to some of the planet’s most intractable problems.


SuSeWi came to us at a crucial turning point in the formation of their business proposition. From a producer of raw algal biomass focused solely on the fish feed space, Feed Algae, as they were then known, were on the verge of an exciting journey – to realise the vast future potential of their product, as a miracle ingredient that can sustainably supply almost any industry.


Understanding that their story would evolve with every new potential application for their product – sustainable feed, fertilizers, alternative foods, renewable materials – they needed a brand that could resonate across multiple audiences, of today and tomorrow.


At a fundamental level, we helped them embrace that potential, conducting thorough research and analysis into a set of key strategic vertical markets that helped shape the long-term ambitions for their business. We discovered that what set them apart from their competition, was their unique scientific approach, enabling them to produce vast quantities of algae, reliably and cost effectively, for the first time.


SuSeWi – sun, sea and wind. When these three elements combine, nature unlocks – life on earth is founded on this this simple truth. We crafted the strategic positioning, Nature Unlocked, into every aspect of their identity. From designing their logo, website and visual brand world through to carefully crafted naming and messaging, our approach has always been to reflect their constant innovation, breaking the stereotypes of their industry and changing the face of sustainability for good.


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