A luxury brand for the age

The last two decades has seen a significant shift in the global ultra-high net worth segment. Thanks to the results of the dot com boom and emerging economies, the landscape of those able to indulge in a complete luxury lifestyle has not only changed in nature but also grown in size. Although this represented fantastic opportunities for luxury brands in general, it was also in danger of leaving Bentley in the shadows. To many, the Bentley brand represented the antithesis of a modern global luxury profile, instead resting heavily on its historic association with traditional British values and those of genuine car enthusiasts, putting it at odds with new audience types and their true needs.

A new and immersive Bentley experience

Our research showed that these new target audiences were excited by luxury, and they considered authenticity, craftsmanship, uniqueness and exquisite detailing as all part and parcel of what makes a genuine luxury experience. All of these characteristics are already deeply embedded in Bentley’s cars. The challenge was to embed them in the brand and retail experience. A global audit of automotive retail experiences showed two things. A complete lack of experiential brand storytelling, and that no matter where you are on the price spectrum, all experiences were broadly the same – with traditional locations, spaces and methods to sell their cars. While Bentley was absolutely up to speed on what other luxury car marques were doing in terms of branded experiences, they had very little appreciation of what was happening in the global luxury retail space outside this fairly enclosed world. By looking more closely at world class luxury brands like Chanel, Louis
Vuitton and Rolex, we were able to introduce an exciting new direction for Bentley, and one that would play well with the desired target audiences. We developed an immersive retail experience that took customers on a journey through the Bentley brand applying the same thought and exquisite touches to the design scheme as they themselves would to the cars.

An exciting new lease of life

The new branded experience was not only rolled out across dealers globally, it also instigated a new-found confidence in where to take the Bentley brand. From key partnerships with St Regis Hotel group to award winning motorshow exhibition schemes and the creation of the iconic flagship store in Dubai, the Bentley brand has a new and exciting lease of life. It is the fastest growing luxury car maker in the world and in 2020 broke its own records for cars sold – a staggering 11,206 worldwide, at a time when manufacturers across the board were struggling to stem losses.

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“The new retail experience helps us redefine British luxury for the modern age ”

— Bentley

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