Fly Egypt

Designing the modern Egyptian travel experience

Fly Egypt are a young airline created by one of Egypt’s largest conglomerates – the Talaat Moustafa Group. Their vision was to provide a new generation of Egyptians with easily accessible and low-cost travel, as well as reassuring international tourists, that after a decade of social and economic turmoil, Egypt was ready once again to welcome visitors. The challenge for us was to create a brand that plays equally well to the mindset of a tourist wanting to spend a great holiday in one of Egypt’s many ancient cities and beautiful resorts, and the mindset of the young Egyptian who, for possibly the first time, will be able to travel at a price they can afford.

Local brand with international appeal

After a decade of revolutions, it was important to understand how the needs of key audiences had evolved. To help draw tourism back to Egypt, we needed to help rebuild the image of Egypt as a safe, warm and friendly place to foreign audiences. Airlines are often seen as international ambassadors for a nation’s deepest held cultural beliefs and hopes, and this was no exception. Meanwhile, approximately 60% of Egypt’s population today is under the age of 30. This meant that a significant proportion of Fly Egypt’s domestic target audience are young, ambitious and less conservative millennials, with a greater inclination towards western lifestyles and brands. It was important therefore to create a home-grown brand that represented Egypt on this international stage, whilst reflecting the need among younger Egyptians to have their own aspirational travel brand. We designed a brand that helps change perception of Egyptian travel to both foreign and domestic audiences – one that both tourists and locals recognized as a best in class carrier, on a par with many western operators.

Taking the next step, for airline and nation

The Fly Egypt experience is a refreshing departure from the incumbent budget airlines in the region and the image of Egypt as a destination. The brand allows Fly Egypt to represent its evolved national identity in a new way to all of its audiences, taking pride in its provenance, but also presenting an image of the future of Egypt.

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“Our new brand helps us take the next step, not just as an airline, but as a nation”

— Ahmed Talat, CEO Fly Egypt

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