Looking at science in a new way

Merck are a global pharmaceutical and life sciences company with a 350-year history of pioneering healthcare innovation. From the invention of morphine and the vitamin c compound, to breakthrough fertility treatments, it’s a company that’s come to affect our lives in hundreds of different ways. The future for Merck represented two significant opportunities. The first was to better leverage technology in the discovery, design, development and delivery of innovative medicine and life science solutions. The second was for Merck to be seen and recognized as a leader in the advancement of science for good, especially to those outside the current closed circuit of stakeholders, influencers and future talent.

Vibrant science & technology

The next generation of medicine and life science solutions will be driven by the intersection between science and technology – from the development of advanced imaging technology that enables the early detection and diagnosis of cancer to the use of DNA sequencing and nanotechnology in delivering molecularly targeted medicines more precisely to each individual. The repositioning as Vibrant Sciences and Technology was to ensure that Merck is at the forefront of that shift, making technology the focus of their business and their brand. The visual identity brings this to life in a way that is bold and distinctive, to signal their move and capture the attention of a group of stakeholders that knew very little about Merck.

From barely noticeable to market leaders

In the world of medicine and life sciences, Merck are now the stand out brand leader, with a clear focus on leveraging technology to continue to develop life-saving and life-enhancing medicine and healthcare solutions. The rebrand presents Merck as a pioneering company to reflect the pioneering spirit that have driven them for 350 years, and significantly increased brand awareness across new stakeholder groups. Since launch, Merck’s share price has steadily increased and its market cap has doubled.

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“It has drastically evolved perceptions of what we do – opening doors where we can make a difference”

— Axel Lober, CMO, Merck

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