Changing the face of sustainability

The idea of marine micro algae as a super ingredient has been around since the 1950’s. With its unique properties and rich nutrient profile, algae present a natural, healthy alternative ingredient to supply almost any industry. However, all attempts to harness the potential of this miracle resource at scale have either failed, or been too expensive or unsustainable to grow. Until now. SuSeWi’s unique approach of mimicking the process of nature – using just sun, wind and sea water – means they can supply industrial levels of quantity, in a reliable, cost effective and completely sustainable way, for the first time – creating an abundance that could serve every imagined application. Our objective was to highlight this within their brand, so that it could positively influence as many industries as possible.

Nature unlocked

SuSeWi came to us at a crucial turning point in the formation of their proposition. Having secured a 10-year contract with a large fish feed producer to produce 1,000,000 tonnes of raw biomass algae per year, they needed help to articulate their story for a second round of investment to significantly expand their manufacturing facility on the desert coast of Morocco. But with their unique ability to produce such abundance, building their brand around one vertical market was in danger of restricting the impact of the business. We helped the management team buy into the bigger picture, positioning their brand as one that would resonate in all potential vertical markets in the future, from soil fertilization to skin and healthcare supplements, and even the growing alternative protein segment. The strategic positioning Nature Unlocked communicates the proprietary genius of their scientific approach, and sets out the company’s mission to deliver algae wherever a sustainable alternative is needed. The brand name and visual identity represent both the essential conditions for algae to thrive – sun, sea and wind – as well as the exponential and fast-growing nature of this natural process. The look and feel also helps to get across a natural and sustainable business, infused with innovation and an eye on the future.

Committed to our planet

The brand allows SuSeWi to articulate a more forward-looking story to its audiences, helping them secure a further 25million pound investment to grow their operations, as well as attract top future talent needed. By positioning their business today around the vast future potential of their product, SuSeWi are committed to helping as many industries as they can become more sustainable by replacing ingredients that cause damage to our planet, with their healthy, sustainable building block.

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“The brand is a catalyst for our company – helping us secure both investment and future talent alike”

— Keith Coleman, CEO SuSeWi

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