BAE Systems

For BAE Systems, global leaders in technology-led defense solutions across land, sea, air, cyber and space, providing their customers with the critical advantage relies increasingly on their ability to design products and systems for a much more challenging and interconnected future, as threats become more advanced. This includes developing solutions that will only be launched into the market in 20-30 years’ time, and creating adaptable platforms that are updatable over the course of their lifespan and can remain in service for longer. As well as advancing technology in key areas of future defense, such as autonomy, interoperability, data storage and outer space. Meanwhile, growth for the company would increasingly come from new markets, and they needed to present themselves to these audiences as the optimal partner for the future. The challenge for us was to shift perceptions from a traditional way of looking at the industry, that hinged too heavily on engineering and manufacturing, to leaders of future technology and a FTSE 100 company that employs over 87,000 people across the UK, USA, UAE, Australia and India.

Dynamic, adaptive integration

We helped BAE Systems tell that story by focusing on the two elements that allow them to help their customers stay ahead in the future, better than any of their competitors. The first, is their superior ability to integrate complex systems – on single platforms and equally across land, air, sea, cyber and space – allowing them to upgrade platforms with the most advanced technologies as they emerge, and increasing interoperability for a battlespace that will require more connectedness. The second is their dynamic way of working with their customers, partners and supply chains, to provide more, for less, and faster. We designed a dynamic brand identity system of adaptable, overlapping panels that brings together these two themes – their unique capability of integrating complex systems to provide the most advanced and adaptive platforms, as well as their close and collaborative relationships. The system is both practical – with its adjusting panels providing lots of variety for the company’s board communication needs – as well bold, helping them stand out as innovative, tech leaders in their industry.

A future focus for a legacy brand

The brand helps to give customers, partners and future talent a complete picture of the unique benefit that BAE Systems provide to secure a safe future – as the company that brings things together – technology, people, capability – better than anyone else.

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“A brand refresh that propels us into our future”

— Alex Moore, Group Marketing and Customer Communications Director

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